Sara Scribner

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<b>From Her Constant Nurture</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 20x20 inches<br>$2800
From Her Constant Nurture

<b>In Her Den</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 50x30 inches<br>$10000
In Her Den

<b>It Was Hard Not To Reminisce Among So Many Stars</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 20x16 inches<br>$3000
It Was Hard Not To Reminisce Among So Many Stars

<b>Moon Glow</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 26x16 inches<br>$2800
Moon Glow

<b>She Always Walked Confidently Into The Night</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 18x12 inches<br>$2000
She Always Walked Confidently Into The Night

<b>She Glows Against the Night</b>, 2016<br>oil on panel, 26x12 inches<br>$2500
She Glows Against the Night

<b>Sinking Softly into the Fog</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 24x12 inches<br>$2500
Sinking Softly into the Fog

<b>The Glimmer of First Frost</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 24x18 inches<br>$3500
The Glimmer of First Frost

<b>Together They Draped the Forest</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 36x24 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Together They Draped the Forest

<b>Try as they might they could not resist her crashing waves</b>, 2016<br>Oil on panel, 18x24 inches<br>$3500
Try as they might they could not resist her crashing waves

<b>Affinity</b>, 2014<br>Oil on panel, 12x12 inches<br>$1500

<b>Forever Wandering Through The Fading Fog</b>, 2014<br>Oil on panel, 20x16 inches<br>$2500
Forever Wandering Through The Fading Fog

<b>Her Warning Was to Wait, Spring Had Not Yet Come</b>, 2012<br>Oil on panel, 12x12 inches<br>$1500
Her Warning Was to Wait, Spring Had Not Yet Come

<b>Shared Song</b><br>Oil on panel, 12x12 inches<br>$1500
Shared Song

<b>The Chaparral Before Nightfall</b>, 2015<br>Oil on panel, 24x16 inches<br>$3200
The Chaparral Before Nightfall

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Sara Scribner was chosen by Southwest Art Magazine as one of 21 under 31 young artists to collect now in their September 2011 issue. Read the feature on our blog.

"Traveling the world through books, sifting through stories, I find myths and folktales that use flora and fauna in their allegories. When combined with realism, the results are contemporary paintings that speak a language that has been used by painters and poets for centuries.

Both flowers and animals have been used in symbolism by many different cultures. Translating these stories and making them my own is where my creativity thrives."

-Sara Scribner

Sara studied at, and in 2005 graduated from, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Following graduation, Sara began her professional career. Her portraits honor classical figurative painting techniques, but have a whimsical narrative that allows the viewer to weave a story around the sitter. Sara and her husband Shane met while studying at the Academy of Art University, they have exhibited across the nation together ever since.

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