P.A. Jones

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<b>Faerie Circle</b>, 2000<br>Oil on board, 24x18 inches<br>$1800
Faerie Circle

<b>Lovers' Lane</b>, 2000<br>Oil on board, 24x24 inches<br>$2000
Lovers' Lane

<b>Heading Home</b>, 2016<br>OIl and wax on three panels, 36x72 inches<br>$6500
Heading Home

<b>Convergence</b>, 2015<br>Oil and wax on panel, 24x48 inches<br>$3800

<b>Enfold Me</b>, 2015<br>Oil and wax on panel, 48x48 inches<br>$6300
Enfold Me

<b>Undiscovered</b>, 2015<br>Oil and wax on panel, 30x24 inches<br>$2700

<b>Off the Beaten Path</b>, 2014<br>Oil and wax on panel, 36x24 inches<br>$3100
Off the Beaten Path

<b>Gravitational Attraction</b>, 2014<br>Oil and wax on panel, 48x40 inches<br>$6050
Gravitational Attraction

<b>Inclination</b>, 2012<br>Oil on panel, 41x48 inches<br>$6100

<b>In Pursuit of the Night</b>, 2011<br>Oil on panel, 35x35 inches<br>$4300
In Pursuit of the Night

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P. A. Jones has painted all her life. Growing up amid the asphalt and clamor of Los Angeles, she always yearned for a place both quiet and beautiful. A lifelong search for that perfect somewhere led her to many impressive places in California, New Mexico, Washington and Arizona. Now in Dallas, Texas, she still finds herself surrounded by a city, but travels outside its environs as often as possible, gathering source material for her paintings.

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About recent work - On camping trips with friends, walking in the early hours of the morning or watching the light fade at the end of the day, she recognized that the perfect landscape was within reach. From Northeast and Central Texas to Big Bend and the Hill Country, the interplay of light and color on the land provides all the inspiration she seeks.

web site: www.pajonesart.com

P.A. Jones