Malcolm Bucknall

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<b>Frog Prince</b>, 2013<br>Oil on wood panel, 20x16 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Frog Prince

<b>Apotheosis of Winston Churchill</b>, 2015<br>Oil on wood panel, 20x16 inches<br>$8000
Apotheosis of Winston Churchill

<b>Baby Bunting</b>, 2015<br>Watercolor on paper, 7.5x5.5 image, 14x11 inches framed<br>$1500
Baby Bunting

<b>Dance of the Mantis Maiden</b>, 2015<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 16.5x11 image, 24x18 inches framed<br>$4000
Dance of the Mantis Maiden

<b>Dance of the Damsel Fly</b>, 2015<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 16x11 image, 24x18 inches framed<br>$4000
Dance of the Damsel Fly

<b>Flight from Salem</b>, 2014<br>Watercolor on paper, 7.5x5.5 image, 14x11 inches framed<br>$1500
Flight from Salem

<b>Full Plumage</b>, 2014<br>Watercolor on paper, 8.25x5.5 image, 14x11 inches framed<br>$1500
Full Plumage

<b>Grandpa's Whiskers</b>, 2014<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 10x7 image, 16x12 inches framed<br>$2000
Grandpa's Whiskers

<b>High C</b>, 2013<br>Oil on wood panel, 16x12 image, 20x16 inches framed<br>$6000
High C

<b>Little Lady Papillon</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 24x20 inches<br>$7500
Little Lady Papillon

<b>Mad Hatter</b>, 2015<br>Watercolor on paper, 7x5.25 image, 14x11 inches framed<br>$1500
Mad Hatter

<b>Master and Mistress of Hare Wood Hall</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 16x20 inches<br>$7500
Master and Mistress of Hare Wood Hall

<b>Oh! Woe Begone!</b>, 2014<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 14.5x10.5 image, 20x16 inches framed<br>$4000
Oh! Woe Begone!

<b>Puppy Love</b>, 2013<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 9.5x6.5 image, 16x12 inches framed<br>$2000
Puppy Love

<b>Still Life with Chick</b>, 2013<br>Oil on wood panel, 11x14 inches<br>$4000
Still Life with Chick

<b>Still Life with Mouse</b>, 2014<br>Oil on wood panel , 14x11 inches<br>$4000
Still Life with Mouse

<b>Will It Rain?</b>, 2015<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 10x6.5 image, 16x12 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
Will It Rain?

<b>Young Cavalier</b>, 2013<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 7x4.75 image, 14x11 inches framed<br>$1500
Young Cavalier

<b>Zebra Boy</b>, 2013<br>Oil on wood panel under glass, 8x5.25 image, 14x11 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
Zebra Boy

<b>Lone Ranger and the Masked Maiden</b><br>ink on paper, 10.5x11 inches<br>$1250
Lone Ranger and the Masked Maiden

<b>Longago Faraway</b><br>Oil on linen, 20x16 inches<br>$6000
Longago Faraway

<b>Guardian of the Gate</b><br>Oil, 24x20 inches<br>$7000
Guardian of the Gate

<b>Lady of the Haunted House</b><br>Oil, 11x8 inches<br>$2500
Lady of the Haunted House

<b>Lady with Insects</b><br>Oil, 44x36 inches<br>$3000
Lady with Insects

<b>Lucky Dog</b><br>Oil, 12x16 inches<br>$4000
Lucky Dog

<b>Old Warrior</b><br>Oil, 24x18 inches<br>$8000
Old Warrior

<b>Ware Moon</b>, 2009<br>Oil on wood panel, 7.5x5.5 image, 14x12 inches framed<br>$1200
Ware Moon

<b>Bathing Beauty</b><br>Ink on paper, 15x13 inches framed<br>$700
Bathing Beauty

<b>Cunning Cleric</b>, 2011<br>Oil on wood panel, 8x4 inches, 14x11 inches framed<br>$1500
Cunning Cleric

<b>My Country Cousin and I</b>, 2012<br>Oil on wood panel, 16x20 inches<br>$4000
My Country Cousin and I

<b>Bad-Ass Bird</b>, 2012<br>Watercolor on paper, 5.5x4.5 image, 12x10 inches framed<br>$650
Bad-Ass Bird

<b>Old Family Photo</b>, 2012<br>Oil on wood panel, 16.5x10.5 image, 24x18 inches framed<br>$4000
Old Family Photo

<b>C.I.A. Spy Bird</b>, 2012<br>Watercolor on paper, 6.25x5.5 image, 14x12 inches framed<br>$700
C.I.A. Spy Bird

<b>Loving Cup, Castle Dracula</b>, 2011<br>Oil on wood panel, 20x16 inches<br>$5000
Loving Cup, Castle Dracula

<b>Songbird of the Enchanted Wood</b>, 2012<br>Watercolor on paper, 6.25x5.5 image, 14x12 inches framed<br>$700
Songbird of the Enchanted Wood

<b>Foxy Spring</b>, 1977<br>Oil on canvas, 30x39 inches<br>$8500
Foxy Spring

<b>Triumph of Pan</b><br>Oil on canvas, <br>$8000
Triumph of Pan

<b>Oh, This Wonderful World: Ugli Fruit</b>, 2001<br>Oil on linen, 24x30 inches<br>$5000
Oh, This Wonderful World: Ugli Fruit

<b>Oh, This Wonderful World: Orange</b>, 2001<br>Oil on linen, 20x24 inches<br>$5000
Oh, This Wonderful World: Orange

<b>Pepper From Heaven</b>, 2002<br>Oil on linen, 16x20<br>$3500
Pepper From Heaven

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Born in Twickenham, England, in 1935, Bucknall's early interest in art led him at 18 to India and Santiniketan, the Ashram of Rabindranath Tagore, then to Chelsea Art School, London, the University of Texas (BFA), and the University of Washington (MFA). This rolling stone foundation settled into a fixed career as a professional artist that has continued since 1963. He has had gallery affiliations in New York City, Seattle, New Orleans, Taos, Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Besides 16 prizes in national and regional shows, special recognition includes a major NEA fellowship, 1985 – 1986, and inclusion in the Smithsonian' s Archives of American Art (one of 40 artists from this quadrant of the country selected in 1980 for continuing career documentation for possible historical interest.)

He has shown widely and has work in many public and notable private collections. His images have worldwide exposure through music releases of groups like Nirvana and Jesus Lizard, and extravaganzas such as Lollapalooza. In addition, his work has been displayed in more sedate venues such as the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Houston Grand Opera.

A chameleon-like eclecticism has characterized his work to various distinct periods of art-historical (and non-art-historical) influences, but the common thread in Bucknall's "re-visionist" imagery is an animal-human mix. As in myth and fairytale, this gives a child-like directness that promotes a more direct link to fears, love, emotions, humor and the unconscious.

Malcolm Bucknall