Kathryn Polk

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<b>Blind Faith</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, 38/45, 20x15 inches unframed<br>$500
Blind Faith

<b>Burning Sage</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 18x15 inches unframed<br>$500
Burning Sage

<b>Ever After</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, 36/54, 20x15 inches unframed<br>$500
Ever After

<b>Hergatory II</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, 20/30, 18x15 inches unframed<br>$500
Hergatory II

<b>Little Pink Lies</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 14x11 inches<br>$400
Little Pink Lies

<b>The Innate Thread</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 20x15 inches unframed<br>$600
The Innate Thread

<b>A Fire to be Kindled</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 18x14 inches<br>$850
A Fire to be Kindled

<b>All the Better to See You with My Dear</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, Edition 30/50, 14.5x11.5 inches<br>$650
All the Better to See You with My Dear

<b>An Unbearable Likeness</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, Edition 16/40, 19x15 inches<br>$850
An Unbearable Likeness

<b>Broken</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 16x12 inches<br>$850

<b>Caught in the Act</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 14x11 inches unframed<br>$600
Caught in the Act

<b>Double Cross</b><br>Stone Lithography, AP, 19x15 inches<br>$850
Double Cross

<b>Foolish Fire</b><br>Stone Lithography, AP, 11x7.5 inches<br>$400
Foolish Fire

<b>Forever and Ever</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 19x13 inches<br>$850
Forever and Ever

<b>Helter Shelter</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, 23/46, 15x11.25 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Helter Shelter

<b>Mommy and Daddy Wear the Same Size</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, 11/35, 15x11.5 inches<br>$650
Mommy and Daddy Wear the Same Size

<b>Ocho</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, 20/20, 9x7 inches<br>$400

<b>Plaid Her Whole Life</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, Edition 36/40, 19x15 inches<br>$500
Plaid Her Whole Life

<b>Rising from the Ashes</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 14x11.5 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Rising from the Ashes

<b>Secrets of a Cactus Wren</b><br>Stone Lithography, AP, 12x9 inches<br>$450
Secrets of a Cactus Wren

<b>The Clay Princess was Kidnapped</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 20x15 inches<br>$900
The Clay Princess was Kidnapped

<b>The Fireman's Daughters</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, Edition 20/21, 14x11 inches<br>$650
The Fireman's Daughters

<b>The Tornado Handler</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, Edition 17/20, 15x11 inches<br>$650
The Tornado Handler

<b>Wearing the Bible Belt</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, AP, 19x15 inches<br>$850
Wearing the Bible Belt

<b>Wise in Her Own Eyes</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, Edition 57/67, 19x15 inches<br>$850
Wise in Her Own Eyes

<b>Not as I do</b><br>Stone and Plate Lithography, EV 20/32, 14x11 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Not as I do

<b>In Her Place #1</b><br>Monoprint/Lithograph, EV 1/47, 19x15 inches<br>$1000
In Her Place #1

<b>In Her Place #9</b><br>Monoprint/Lithograph. EV 9/47, 19x15 inches<br>$1000
In Her Place #9

<b>In Her Place #32</b><br>Monoprint/Lithograph, EV 32/47, 19x15 inches<br>$1000
In Her Place #32

<b>In Her Place #40</b><br>Monoprint/Lithograph, EV 40/47, 19x15 inches<br>$1000
In Her Place #40

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Kathryn Polk (born 1952) studied at the Memphis Art Academy and The University of Memphis. She lives and works in Tucson, Arizona where she is the co-owner of L VIS Press, a lithography print studio. Polk’s lithographs are in the collections of The National Academy of Fine Art (Hangzhou, China), The University of Auckland (St. Auckland Central, New Zealand), Yonsei University Wonju Campus (Korea), University of Wales (Aberystwyth, UK), Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art (France), The University of Colorado-Boulder, Special Collections at The Denver Art Museum (CO), The University of Arizona Museum of Art (Tucson), St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY), The University of California-Davis Gorman Museum and Proyecto ‘Ace (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

web site: www.nonindigenouswoman.com

Kathryn Polk