Honora Jacob

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<b>Light As...</b>, 2017<br>oil and gold metal leaf on canvas, 30x30 inches<br>$2500
Light As...

<b>Madame M</b>, 2017<br>oil and gold leaf on canvas, 33x22 inches<br>$2000
Madame M

<b>Katarina II</b>, 2015<br>Mixed media on canvas , 36x36 inches<br>$3600
Katarina II

<b>Florence</b>, 2015<br>Oil on linen, 21x26 inches<br>$1800

<b>Inez</b>, 2015<br>Oil on linen, 48x24 inches<br>$3400

<b>Jeanne</b>, 2016<br>Oil on linen, 40x30 inches<br>$3600

<b>Madame President</b>, 2015<br>Oil on linen, 48x36 inches<br>$4800
Madame President

<b>La Belle</b>, 2015<br>Oil on linen, 48x36 inches<br>$4800
La Belle

<b>Mercy</b>, 2015<br>Oil on linen, 40x30 inches<br><i>sold</i>

<b>House of Habsburg</b>, 2015<br>Oil on linen, 48x28 inches<br>$3600
House of Habsburg

<b>Study of Catherine de Medici</b>, 2015<br>Oil and pencil on canvas, 14x11 inches<br>$700
Study of Catherine de Medici

<b>Study of Katherine Parre</b>, 2015<br>Oil and pencil on canvas, 16x12 inches<br>$800
Study of Katherine Parre

<b>Study of Anne Boleyn</b>, 2015<br>Oil and pencil on canvas, 14x11 inches<br>$700
Study of Anne Boleyn

<b>The White Queen</b>, 2013<br>Oil on canvas, 36x48 inches<br>$4800
The White Queen

<b>The Seed</b>, 2013<br>Oil on canvas, 48x48 inches<br>$5800
The Seed

<b>Eugenie</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 36x48 inches<br>$4800

<b>Regina Isabel</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 48x36 inches<br>$4800
Regina Isabel

<b>Mistress Zouche with Pearls</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 40x30<br>$3600
Mistress Zouche with Pearls

<b>Georgia Peaches</b>, 2008<br>Mixed Media, 18 x 18 inches<br>$1000
Georgia Peaches

<b>Duality</b><br>Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48<br>$3000

<b>The Three Graces- Charisma, Joy, & Vision</b>, 2008<br>Plaster, 48 x 14 x 11 inches<br>$3600
The Three Graces- Charisma, Joy, & Vision

<b>Pink Nipples 2b/x</b><br>Mixed Media, 40 x 30 inches<br>$2700
Pink Nipples 2b/x

<b>Master and Commander</b>, 2015<br>Oil on canvas, 48x36 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Master and Commander

Take a virtual tour of her 2016 show with us here.

Honora Jacob's new work, Contemporary Histories, re­examines portraits of individuals throughout history to illustrate the premise that history flows into the present in an ever-changing state. And, with each new context, we view people and events through a contemporary lens specific to that moment.

Jacob appropriates and re­contextualizes original portrait elements to create re­invented portraits using technique and patterning that brings a contemporary context and perspective to these historically inspired portraits. In doing so, she imbues them with a new respect and sense of purpose. Inspired by a plethora of influences, from Holbein, Raphael and Gainsborough to Kehinde Wiley, Wayne Thibeaud, Lance Letscher and Ellen Heck, Jacob melds the traditional and the modern into a celebration of classical portraiture that revels in the sophistication of anachronism.

Of her previous work;
Read Wayne Alan Brenner's review in the October 8th issue of The Austin Chronicle here.

Honora Jacob received her first Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts from the University of Texas to pursue a career as an advertising art director. Twenty years later, she turned her attention to a career change. Returning to university, she received her second Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, after which she attended the MFA program at the University of Kentucky.

She has exhibited her work in over 30 group and solo exhibitions since 2001. And, after a circuitous route including Kentucky, New York, and a brief stint in London,UK, Ms Jacob currently resides in Austin, Texas.

web site: honora.squarespace.com/

Honora Jacob