Gordon Fowler

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<b>Frio Reflections</b>, 2014<br>Oil on linen panel, 18x24 inches<br>$2800
Frio Reflections

<b>White Rock</b>, 2014<br>Oil on linen panel, 16x12 inches<br>$1800
White Rock

<b>In the Tack Room</b>, 2014<br>Oil on linen panel, 12x16 inches<br>$1800
In the Tack Room

<b>Tall Cypress</b>, 2014<br>Oil on linen panel, 12x10 inches<br>$1200
Tall Cypress

<b>Fall Cypress on the Frio</b>, 2014<br>Oil on linen panel, 30x40 inches<br>$5600
Fall Cypress on the Frio

<b>Thanksgiving Duo</b>, 2014<br>Oil on linen panel, 16x20 inches<br>$2500
Thanksgiving Duo

<b>Leaky Antique Store</b>, 2015<br>Oil on canvas panel, 10x12 inches<br>$1200
Leaky Antique Store

<b>Still Life</b><br>Gouache, 22x30 inches, 27x34 inches framed<br>$2800
Still Life

<b>Roundup</b>, 2013<br>Oil on panel, 16x20 inches<br>$2000

<b>Blue & White Vase</b><br>Oil on Board, 20x16 inches<br>$2000
Blue & White Vase

<b>Ass Transit</b>, 2012<br>Oil on panel, 12x16 inches<br>$1500
Ass Transit

<b>Texas Riders</b>, 2012<br>Oil on canvas panel, 12x16 inches<br>$1500
Texas Riders

<b>San Miguel Rag Man</b>, 2012<br>Oil on canvas panel, 10x12 inches<br>$1200
San Miguel Rag Man

<b>Stonewall Barn</b>, 2012<br>Oil on canvas panel, 18x24 inches<br>$2400
Stonewall Barn

<b>Waterhole</b>, 2012<br>Oil on canvas panel, 16x20 inches<br>$2000

<b>Roses</b>, 2010<br>Oil on panel, 20x16 inches<br>$2000

<b>Mercado San Miguel</b>, 2012<br>Oil on canvas panel, 16x20<br>$2000
Mercado San Miguel

<b>It's Not My First Rodeo</b>, 2013<br>Oil panel, 24x36 inches<br>$3600
It's Not My First Rodeo

<b>Harbor</b><br>Oil on Canvas, 16x20 image, 24x28 inches framed<br>$2000

<b>Isle de Re</b><br>Oil on Board, 9x12 inches<br>$1200
Isle de Re

Take a virtual tour of Fowler's 2015 show at Wally Workman Gallery here.

Fowler has long been respected for his impressionist landscapes of Texas and Mexico. For his most current body of work, he painted on the Annandale Ranch, a Texas Century Ranch in the Frio River Valley. A Texas Century Ranch is one that has been operated continuously by the same family for more than 100 years. The owners have placed conservation easements on several thousand acres and intend to preserve the natural beauty of the entire ranch for future generations. In honor of this commitment, Fowler spent the last two years capturing what motivated the family and The Hill Country Conservancy to make preservation a priority.

Gordon Fowler